Giving Back

 Jiwan Kaur was a student in India and later a staff member. Now she is the mother of two beautiful girls, the oldest one, Sarib Jot, is currently one of our  students, and the little one, Siri Atma traveled along with her mom from New Mexico to come visit her sister.

Jiwan stayed for a few weeks and she wanted to share with the students in different ways. She brought halloween candy to give away to each student. She prepared pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and cake for the entire school. She also taught the students from 9th and 10th Grade to make chocolate chip cookies during a class lead by Himmat Singh, one of our Mukhya Jethadars this year. The Siri Singh Sahib used to give cookies at the end of his classes so they felt inspired to do something that exalted the spirit of serving the community and they asked her for some help. After some fun time at the kitchen they served the cookies during milk break for the rest of the students and the teachers. 

Jiwan also brought her healing touch  and offered the students acupuncture sessions. They enjoyed it a lot and got the chance to relax deeply. Thank you Jiwan for coming and sharing so much with all of us!