Please, give us less free time…

It is always fascinating to get to know the new students who come to us from so many different places.  This year we have students from 23 different countries!  One student, Sebastian Gutierrez from Mexico, took it upon himself to learn more about the other boys in the dorm and conducted this survey.  We don’t generally make decisions based on majority rule, but in this case the vast majority seem to like our decisions anyway, with perhaps the exception of providing free time and the 10:00PM lights out!

One of the most important aspects of beginning a school year is the relationships with teachers and classmates, so because of that I decided to ask roommates about how they feel in their environment. The responses will show you clearly the comfort and happiness levels in the dorms.


1.-Do you like your roommates?

Yes – 94.44%

No – 5.56%

2.-Do you like your bed and cupboard?

Yes – 70.83%

No – 29.17%

3.-Do you like the location of your room in the dorms?

Yes – 86.11%

No – 13.89%

4.-How many of your roommates do you consider friends?

All of them –  86.11%

Four or five of them – 5.56%

Two of them – 5.56%

One friend only – 2.78%

5.-Have you changed rooms this year?

Yes – 16.67%

No – 83.33%

6.-Are you okay with the distance from dorms to soccer field?

Yes – 63.89%

No – 36.11%

7.-Are you bored in your free time?

Yes – 75.00%

No – 25.00%

8.-At what time do you go to sleep?

8pm to 9pm – 8.33%

10pm to 11pm – 91.67%

9.-Do you feel happy and comfortable in the dorms?

Yes – 94.44%

No – 5.56%