Girls Soccer Team

Yesterday was the first day of girls soccer practice. I sat down with the coaches, Siri Krishna and Guru Amrit Hari, to ask them what their goals were for this year.

“We want our girls to be fit and to have the stamina to beat any team we play. This will be achieved by our team putting in the work during practice. We want them to be mentally prepared as well, we want there to be no fear when they step on the field to face whoever it is were about to play.”

“Our morning Physical Training routine, that the whole school does, already gives our team an advantage when it comes to strength and stamina. We want to capitalize on that.”

I Watched the team run yesterday , pushing it hard on their first practice. I could tell that at the very least these girls will be in great shape. This year there are a lot of new students on the team. Some of the best ones are from Germany and sure Germans may eat ketchup with their rice from time to time, but they are amazingly good at Soccer. This year there are also a lot of younger students participating on the team as well.

The team will be playing DAV school in October and then the big bad American Embassy school later on. MPA regularly competes with the American Embassy school in Delhi in boys and girls Basketball and Soccer.

Now Lets hear the slogan.

What are we gonna be?


What are we gonna do?