The General Knowledge Bowl

We had a General Knowledge Bowl this past Saturday. The contestants were four groups of seven different members from each of our houses , Blue, Gold, White and Silver. The students, depending on their grade, organized which members were going to play for each round.

The competition was similar to Jeopardy. The staff prepared everything for the game, they took care of selecting questions based on each category and set how many points each question counted towards the win. The categories were: Science, World History, Geography, Arts and Culture, People, Movies and TV shows, each for 50, 40, 30, 20 or 10 points. There were two different rounds of trivia, a True and False contest and a Riddle section. The Final Decisive Question: Eating white is what I mostly do; If quick enough, a fruit and some things blue; When I see pink, sky blue, orange or red; It would be wise to turn my yellow head; In a dark room with blue walls; I run from ghosts that roam the halls. What am I?

What’s your guess? Blue House was the team who came up with the answer: Pac-Man! The other three teams answered the same: the Sun! We were all laughing. Blue house got extra points for getting that question right and points were deducted from the teams with the wrong answers, making Blue house victorious.

It was a good exercise to explore how much the students actually know about different topics, give them some great entertainment, and enhance their team work. We all had lots of fun and learned new things during the game.