First Game of the Season

Today was our soccer girls first game of the season. The match was against a local soccer team. Our girls were feeling the nerves but looked ready, we all wanted to see them win. The opposing team was much smaller in size to our girls but we soon found out that what they lacked in size they made up in skill. The first half ended with the score tied 2-2. A goal coming from Bhajandeep and the second scored by Gweneth. The second half was action packed and highly stressful for me, with both teams scoring multiple times. At the last ten minute mark our girls were down by one. It seemed as if we might lose. Fortunately our girls wouldn’t accept this and kept playing hard. Bhajandeep managed to make a second goal to tie it up. This, to me, seemed like the end of the game, but our girls showed me how much I knew about soccer by scoring a last goal with only a minute to go and winning the game! 

First game in the books. A win for MPA. 

Our girls celebrating with an all around POP POP!