Friendship at MPA

Friendship is essential in life. There is nothing better to motivate you than friends, and living at MPA, especially your first year, things can get pretty tough and you need a lot of motivation. Even though we have many tools to motivate us like yoga, sports etc, friends are just the people you are always going to turn to whenever you are feeling down. At MPA , there is a certain connection you have with your friends that you just don’t have with friends back home. 

Whenever I’m feeling down or going through a difficult time because everything is “too hard” or just because I feel homesick, I know that they can help me because the are going or have gone through the same experience and they know what it feels like. Then I know I can trust them and that they aren’t just making things up to make me feel better. I can always count on them for anything and I know that, even after I graduate, they will still be there for me the same as I will.

Saibhang Kaur