Focus on Learning Continued


During our second team meeting, members identified and discussed how professional learning teams differ from traditional teacher teams. We realized we have been a traditional teacher team, which is now moving towards becoming a professional teacher team.

Teachers shared their ideas about what they thought would be the ONE essential fact which would lead to our team being successful. And we agreed that mutual TRUST needed to be established before we could move ahead. What followed was a healthy discussion to help identify the factors which lead to “dis-trust” and teachers shared their personal experiences. It was great to see how we collectively identified an issue and came up with the solution for the same, re-enforcing the concepts of reflection, action orientation and communication building.

We also welcomed two new members to the “Focus on Learning” team.  Anuradha Arora and Madhu, welcome and we hope your experiences in our team will help energize, excite and empower both you and your students.