Finding a quiet place…

Monthly test week is here, which means our already busy schedule becomes even busier. Life as usual here at MPA.

Every spare moment of quiet time is a precious gem amidst the rest of our daily schedule. Since its hard to find a moment in between the multitude of different activities we do on a daily basis, not to mention dorm antics, extracurriculars and study, we have no spare time to take a breath! Yet we keep going in stride without missing a beat.

Older students seem to have a better time dealing with everything, as if they have some kind of secret yogic technique that you only learn after you’ve been initiated, but really its just that they’re used to it. Even older students have to find ways to deal with all the things we have to do. Everybody has their own way of finding a quiet space among the dynamic system that is Miri Piri Academy.

It is only a matter of time until a student will nearly reach the breaking point. Then what MPA really offers can take hold, which is the ability to keep calm in a stressful situation. Most of the common reasons people go to doctors is related to stress. This is why what people take from MPA is invaluable. To keep calm when the pressure is on.

Some would say that quiet places don’t exist in our hectic schedule, but somehow peace can always be found.

-Hargobind Singh Atwal, Grade 12