Finals are Just Around the Corner

Today marks the last weekend before the students’ semester finals. The following week will be full of challenging tests for which students will be studying with all of their free time. Once they’re done, they’ll off for a relaxing winter break in and around New Delhi full of great food, shopping, and visiting historic sights.

I hosted my economics students in my room (as I always do before tests) for some studying and some fun. It’s never a teenager’s first choice to read about negative externalities and rightwards shifts in supply on a weekend, so I try to keep things fun. We share yerba mate, listen to music, and crack jokes. Today was no different, minus the music (we were extra focused!). I was happy to see each of the students really starting to grasp some of the concepts we’d been going over for some time now.

As a teacher, you always have to look at how well your students are doing as a reflection of how well you are doing. Economics can be a tough subject to wrap your head around and it’s been no different for my 10-12th grade students. But, I’m really happy to see them making real progress. They’re beginning to see how seemingly disconnected concepts and definitions are ultimately all connected. They are also seeing that economics is not only about the flow of money, but more about assessing choice and incentive and how a good grasp of those concepts can very handily spill into looking at other parts of your life and the world.

Now let’s see how they do on their exams! I’m feeling optimistic.

-Shabd Khalsa