Final Exams Have Begun

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

This week, final exams are being held across all grades. It’s the culmination of the student’s academic year and their opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on selected subjects. Many students have been putting in extra hours of studying, but the schedule at Miri Piri Academy doesn’t allow for cramming; it demands the students to put in continuous effort throughout the year.

With the full schedule that MPA provides, some people argue that there isn’t enough time for studying. When I hear that, I’m reminded of what the Siri Singh Sahib told Dr. Harjot Kaur when she got accepted into medical school. She describes it in her application to be part of Khalsa Council, a position she currently holds. She said:

“Just prior to starting medical school in 1989, I was the only female appointed to the Gurdwara Executive committee and the Siri Singh Sahib told me to forget medical school and put 200% of my attention towards Seva for the Guru. By the Guru’s Grace, I was able to do this and graduate from medical school with my class in 1992. . . I strongly feel that singing Kirtan and chanting of the Gurbani is what helped me to keep up with my commitments and fulfill my educational responsibilities which were enormous on their own.  Despite continuing to maintain a full time family practice, I have more extra curricular responsibilities with interfaith, Sikh Youth Camps, and Sikh education. I always have some project on the go, but through the Grace of the Almighty, I am able to keep up.”

This is the spirit that’s cultivated at MPA. By doing seva, exercising, reading banis, doing yoga and meditating, eating well and socializing, it all contributes to building and maintaining the spirit of cherdi kala that allows one to face each day, and each exam, with courage and commitment.