Fiesta de Mascaras

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The final house dinner was held on Saturday night, hosted by Silver House. The theme: Fiesta de Mascaras. Everyone was given a mask to wear to conceal their identity.

Silver House had their work cut out for them. After a morning of rain, it looked as if the sky had cleared so they prepared their outdoor tent for the evening’s festivities. At about 5pm, it started raining again and they had to quickly move all of the tables, chairs, and decorations inside and adjust to the smaller space.

Despite that hurdle, Silver House did an excellent job. They prepared a wonderful meal with Sopa de Tortilla and Pepinos Con Chile y Limon for appetizer; Quesadilla Paneer a la Mexicana and Ensalada Verde for the main dish; and Delicia de Coco and Brigadeiros for dessert. They also served watermelon juice and Horchata, cream rice milk.

The evening’s entertainment included a sword fight between Ash and  Carlos, a salsa routine, the crowning of the evening’s king and queen, Chandra and Tashi;  and finally, ending the party with a piñata!

This dinner brought an end to the special dinners and the dinner competition. All of the dinners were amazing, demonstrating creativity, careful planning and hard work. Each squad worked well together planning, shopping, cooking, decorating, serving and entertaining. It’s a great life skill to be able to host and serve people. They did a great job!



The Invitation

Preparing the Space

Silver House prepared for the evening’s activities outside before having to make a quick switch and move indoors.

Salsa Preparation

A last minute rehearsal for their salsa routine, choreographed by Carlos.

Preparing Dinner

The Menu

The food was fantastic and full of variety!

The Party


After all good parties, it’s time to clean up!