Experiments in Chemistry Class

It’s getting close to the end of the year and for many upper class students that means Cambridge examinations are just around the corner. Yesterday I sat in on a 11th grade chemistry experiment. The experiment involved measuring, through a chemical process, the amount of iron in a pharmaceutical pill. This experiment is most likely going to appear on their exams and so it is very important that they learn how to perform it thoroughly. 

I asked Harbhajan, one of the students in this class, what he thought of the experiment.

 “I like these experiments because I can see the practical purpose of what I’m learning from the text books. It’s also good for me to practice this because I plan on becoming a MD and I know that i’ll have to be do similar experiments in medical school.”

I was impressed by the quality and amount of lab equipment. Three years ago, when I was a student, we didn’t have any of the great equipment that we have today.

“We have all the equipment we need here.”

said James Utterback, the chemistry teacher, who has been doing a great job getting all the students prepared for Cambridge examinations.