Exams Have Started

It’s almost the end of the year! That really snuck up on me. 

Around two weeks left in the school year and that means it’s time for final examinations. The students have been studying hard the past two weeks in preparation. Some of our students are taking the Cambridge  examinations while the rest prepare for they’re MPA exams. 

I was asking around about what people felt going into these exam weeks and I was surprised to hear that most people are very positive. Most students this semester seem well prepared.

I asked one of our german students, Oona, about how she was feeling.

“I don’t feel prepared for all my exams but I’m actually really excited for my science exam!”

I don’t think i’ve ever been “excited” for an exam so this answer was new to me. I asked one of our other students Levi how he was feeling. 

“I feel prepared this semester, I haven’t been studying too hard these last weeks but I feel confident because we’ve been preparing all year.” 

For the student’s Cambridge grades these tests are almost %100 of their overall scores. Pressures on.