Alumni at Yoga Festival 2010

MPA at European Yoga Festival 2010

This year for the first time Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, School Principal, and the Cherdi Kalaa Jetha traveled to the European Yoga Festival to teach and to connect with the sangat and the children there.  As Jugat Guru Singh described it, the Miri Piri Academy spirit was all over the camp: “We were given a great reception with each program we did, everyone from the admin to the sangat participated and pushed to have us doing more and more. We had a total of seven actual stage programs and tons of booth time and talking with people. We had our MPA students lead Sadhana, lead the evening yoga class, lead the tantric warmups and lead the youth camp in Gatka class and an MPA discussion.”

CKJ at Yoga Festival

Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, School Principal and the Cherdi Kalaa Jetha at the European Yoga Festival 2010

2010 Graduate, Bhagwati Kaur Mulfinger was in charge of the MPA booth. Turbans were sold to support our fundraising efforts, and she tied turbans on hundreds of people.  Harijot Singh Khalsa taught Gatka to all of the children, and Ongkar Singh Teske led the whole camp in a Kundalini Yoga class.  We are so grateful for their continued leadership and support of the school, and we hope that next year even more alumni will be able to join us!

Alumni at Yoga Festival 2010

Students Teo and Liana and alumni, Siri Dharma and Sat Kirn relaxing during Tantric