Eight Hundred Cookies!

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The Hari Simran Foundation has set up an annual grant for students who want funds to execute a community service oriented seva project. This year the grant was awarded to Nova and Luna. Their seva was to bake cookies and make cards for all of the workers who serve at Miri Piri Academy. As they said in their application, “our hope is to show our pure gratitude and thankfulness for all the people who work for us every single day of our MPA year.”

Thanks to the Hari Simran Foundation they were able to buy all of the ingredients to make cookies for the 85 workers and their families who were invited and to set up a tent, fans and gift bags for everyone. They gathered a group of students to make the cookies, write thank you cards, and then pack them to hand out to the workers. 

To make the occasion even more special, everyone was invited to MPA for Sunday gurdwara, followed by a langar served by the students. Everyone who attended was really happy to be there and to have the staff and students meet their families and for their families to see MPA. As Nova said, it was a small gesture that had a big impact. 

Making Cookies


Serving Langar

Enjoying a lovely Sunday