Delhi Sports Trip

This weekend our girls soccer, intermediate boys soccer, and senior boys basketball teams travelled to Delhi to play the American Embassy School (AES). This is the highlight of our sports program at MPA and the culmination of all our teams efforts in practice these past few months.

We stayed in Delhi at Hotel Gautum from Thursday to Saturday. The teams each played two games, one against AES’s Varsity and the other against their Junior Varsity. In between these games everyone went to Khan market, which has great Italian restaurants where we eat way too much and lots of import stores for everyone to stock up on food that we don’t normally get in Amritsar. This trip is great because the teams are able to get out of Amritsar and relax a little, but are also very focused on their games, the main reason for the trip. 

The MPA girls soccer team faced AES’s Varsity team the first day. They were still shaking off their nerves at first and ended the first half losing 2-0. The second half went better for them, and although they didn’t score any goals, they defended well and held the other team from scoring, ending the game  2-0. The next day the girls played the same team and lost again, but played hard and had a great game despite the loss.

I have to comment on how awesome the intermediate boys team is this year. They really pulled together as a team, with a lot of help from their coach Dhianjot. The intermediates lost both their games, but learned a lot about how a very  organized teams plays. Since many of the intermediates will be here next year it only means that they will come back way stronger and more experienced next year. 

For me the highlight matches were our boys basketball matches. The first day we played AES’s Varsity team. Their team travels all over Asia, competing against high level teams. They are a very solid and well practiced team. MPA had very limited playing experience and so I was a little worried that they may freeze up against and this seasoned team. I was wrong. We played great and were leading by half time! Dev Amrit must have scored 15-20 points in the first half and everyone on the team was playing great. Our defense was clicking and we were making it very hard for them to score. Unfortunately the other team pulled ahead by the fourth quarter and ended up winning this game. Despite the loss our team felt great about this game and the opposing team agreed that it was a great match. One of the players on AES came up to a few of us who were standing out side the locker room after the game. He said that our team had the best sportsmanship he had ever seen and asked us how we managed to stay so calm during a game. All I can say is great job MPA for teaching our students to stay calm and collected even when the pressure is on. 

The next day the team faced the Junior Varsity team. This game was very one sided and our team won by over 20 points.

After the second day, once all the games were over, we headed back to Khan market to eat a delicious meal and do some last minute shopping before heading to the train station and back to Amritsar. This was an awesome trip and congratulations to all our sports teams who worked very hard this year!

Now the girls will switch and form a basketball team while the boys get ready for soccer. Hopefully these teams will also be able to go back to Delhi later this year to play AES. 

Here are some pictures of the trip. I am making video, which has a lot of the action from the games so keep your eyes out for that in the next day or two!