Daily Prayer

Everyday during formation before school time the children, the school principal, Kirandeep Kaur, a few teachers, and some of the staff members gather together to do a daily prayer, or Ardas, as it is called under the Sikh tradition.

It is a powerful time to ask God for strength, and to continuously give thanks for the blessings of each day, by keeping an attitude of gratitude, we stay open, and we support each other. In that way it is easier to make it through the day, to face the challenges, and to keep up.

Right afterward a quote by the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan is shared and then the students go straight to their classrooms, we continue with our different activities, and we all have a good reflection for the day. His quotes are always touching and inspiring.

Here are some of the latest ones:

“Dharma is when we take action to uplift and serve others. Seva (selfless service) is our Dharma. Doing seva we will receive abundance a thousand fold.”

“You have to find yourself; not before the mirror but before your consciousness.”

“We are atma (soul) born for a human experience; we are not human born for spiritual experience.”

“It is not good enough to be good all the time and talk about your good. The fact is you have to share your goodness; you have to spread your goodness; you have to give people everything you have.”

“It is not how much wealth we have, how learned we are; it is how much tolerance we have to serve and uplift. We have to act as a forklift to all those who come within our touch.”