Court is in Session

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

This Saturday we had the annual basketball competition between the houses. It was a beautiful day to spend watching ball. There were three main competitions, a 3-on-3 round robin, followed by co-ed full-court games, and finally a three-part skills competition. 

3-on-3 Competition

The competition started with a 3-on-3 round robin with all girls and all boys teams. In this competition, Silver House boys came out on top winning all three of their games. Their team was stacked with many boys who play on the senior boys basketball team, including Anmol, Narayan, Siri Avtar, Guru Simrat and Bao. On the girls side, Gold House came out on top, also winning all three games. Their main players were squad leader and top scorer, Nova, along with housemates Paramjot and Caterina. 

Full Court Competition

Next up was whole house full court games. Each team was made up of two boys, two girls and one intermediate student on the court at one time. For the first round, Silver House squared off against White House, winning 17 to 12, while Gold House played against Blue House, winning 12 to 8. The winning teams then went on to play each other with Silver House coming in first place and Gold in second place. Blue House then beat White House in the competition for third place. 

Skills Competition

Finally, there was a skills competition that was divided into three parts. The first part was a whole house free throw contest where each member of the house had to line-up for their chance to make a free throw shot. Silver House won this part of the contest, making nine free throws in two minutes, with Manpreet Kaur sinking two of those shots. 

Next up was the drills competition where one boy and one girl from each squad competed in a skills obstacle course that included shooting, dribbling forwards and backwards, lay-ups and even throwing a ball through a tire. Hargobind Singh, representing Blue House, had the fasted time at 39.73 seconds. Nova, representing Gold House, had the fastest time on the girls side at 54.13 seconds. 

The three-point contest finished the competition. Again, one boy and one girl from each squad competed to see how many three pointers they could make given fifteen opportunities. In the first round, Anmol and Prabhujot tied making four three-pointers each. In the showdown, Anmol made another four three-pointers giving him the win. Raminder won on the girls side, making two three-pointers.