Conscious Communication Course

MPA students have the opportunity to receive a teacher’s training certificate upon graduation. The teacher’s training takes place over two years, where the students have classes every week in preparation to become Kundalini Yoga teachers. It’s a great environment to take teachers training because Kundalini Yoga is such a huge part of the regular daily schedule. This allows the students to have a very hands on learning experience an so they can later teach students with the confidence that comes with practice. 

In the twelfth grade the students do two intensive courses a year. This semester they are doing the Conscious Communication course where they work all week with their class to learn and practice the material from this course. They follow a separate schedule from the rest of the students where they end the day at 4pm. This allows them to focus on the course and gives them extra time to rest after a long day of meditating, doing yoga, and hopefully consciously communicating.