Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Training Level 2 – Conscious Communication

 8The students from 12th Grade are taking their Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 course titled Conscious Communication this week. All Miri Piri Academy students take Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher’s training as taught by Yogi Bhajan during 11th Grade. It is part of the program and a great opportunity for them. By the time they graduate they are Kundalini Yoga Teachers with an internationally recognized KRI Certificate. They are ready to serve as teachers in their homes and in their communities. This is something precious that will help them to keep up during their lives and in their transition to adulthood.

The students from 12th Grade are also taught two different Level 2 courses, the first one during Winter, “Conscious Communication,” and the second one during Spring, “Life Cycles and Life Styles.” Level 2 courses are designed to go more in depth with the teachings, to give them a more vast experience and to strengthen their ability to share these sacred teachings.

Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, our Principal and Amrit Singh, Director of Residential Life, is leading the course. Jugat Guru told the students from 12th Grade that Level 1 is like the skeleton of the system of Kundalini Yoga teacher’s training, where they learn all the basics. After Level 1 they will have the confidence to teach, and that during this week’s Level 2 course they will have the time to work on developing their communication skills. They are learning how to have a clear intention when they talk so that when they communicate they do it in a productive and creative way. They are learning that listening is a key part and the highest level of communication. They are learning how to apply the power of their projection, how to recognize the chakras’ influence over their communication and from which chakras they establish their connections, how to be mindful of the way every one of their actions expresses something. They will work on their non verbal communication and finally, something truly meaningful and important, how to exalt their prayers. They are learning to communicate with the Infinite, within themselves and God, and that by itself is simply priceless!

During the day the students worked on different kriyas, meditations and group exercises with a lot of examples of how their thoughts have an effect, even if they do not speak them out loud. They learned how to talk from their intuition rather than their impulse, how it is possible to solve any situation even if there is a conflict with their conscious words, and that it takes only a word to break someone’s heart or a word to uplift someone’s spirit.

Amrit Singh guided the students into more meditations for the second part of the day. He shared about the three facets of gossip, lies and deception as they are part of our animal nature and necessary to a certain extent. He later explained what it means to have harmonious communication.

Here at Miri Piri Academy the Siri Singh Sahib is always with us. He is present through his subtle energy and legacy, and throughout this week with his lectures, which are a fundamental part of all the teacher training courses. They strengthen the connection that the students have with him so that they can relate more directly to him and his teachings. In the future, every time they tune in before teaching a class they will feel that strong bond, not only with him but with the entire golden chain of saints and gurus who preceded this technology and science.

This is an amazing, uplifting week for all of the 12th grade students who will graduate this year from MPA.