Congratulations Elaine Nunes! And thank you to everyone who donated

Congratulations and thank you to Elaine Nunes who will receive the beautiful handcrafted silver necklace promised to one lucky donor!  Its on its way.  We are also grateful to all the other kind souls who have participated in our fundraising drive these past weeks:

Tiziana LaTorre
Santosh Kaur Khalsa
Inderpal Bakshi
Julie Chen
Pushpinderjot Khela
Kirn Jot Kaur
Valeria Tavares
Jai-Jagdeesh Kaur Khalsa
Starrla Bond
Shabad Kaur Khalsa
Adarsh Kaur Khalsa
Beatriz Campos Brasil Da Fonseca 
Sukhjinder Deo
Siri Atma Khalsa
Hari Darshan Singh
Mary Green
Melissa Domenig
Tatiana Kholmogorova
Tracy Gawley
Joan Stockman 

We are closer to our goal.  We need only 807 more donors to give our children the support that they need.  Click below to watch this great video of our students expressing their gratitude.  Watch, give, and share with all your friends and family.  We are counting on you!