Compassionate Medical Care at Miri Piri Academy

nursesThe Nurse’s Room at school operates everyday of the week. Dr Harveen Kaur is the Medical Coordinator in charge, and she works closely with two well-trained nurses, Ramandeep Kaur and Ritu Bala. Together they provide excellent medical care to all of us students and staff members. The medical staff are hard working people. They do their job with patience, kindness, commitment, and dedication. They really care about the children and they want to provide the best possible holistic health care, promote health, prevent illness and help raise awareness of disease to optimize future well-being.

The students sometimes get sick, get injured playing sports or they just do not feel well for the day so they go rest and recover at this special place the school has set up for them. At the Nurse’s Room, they remain under constant supervision from the medical team. The nurses examine them, they check their temperature and their blood pressure, if it is necessary they give them ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments, or in some cases, conventional medicine. They feed them, serve them hot tea, let them sleep and keep monitoring them until they start to feel good again.

There are regular dental check ups as well, twice a week Dr Chetan Dev Singh comes and different students are scheduled to go see him. He takes care of their dental health and treatments right on campus. There are also medical trips for the students who need to go to the doctor for more specific conditions and for those who want to go get a therapeutic massage because they are sore or they have back pain. The students are taken to the hospital, to a clinic and to an ayurvedic spa.

The nurses are in constant communication with the staff and with parents to inform them about the students who are ill or injured. In this way, every staff member is aware of the medical issues that students are facing and a file is kept for each student.

I felt really inspired to share about the Nurse´s Room because of the love and effort they put into it everyday. The health of every student is a major concern and we can assure you that they are all well taken care of here at Miri Piri Academy!