A Sweet Celebration for Children’s Day

0 Recently we celebrated Children’s Day and Kirandeep and her team of teachers organized a special snack of paneer pakoras, apples and bananas, plus chocolate cake and chai tea. Just when students were getting ready to go back to class, Kirandeep surprised all of us with a holiday since the students have been putting a lot of effort into keeping up with 40 days of Parkarma Seva.

The students gave a great cheer. They were very grateful to have that time off to rest, relax or share time together in their dorms listening to music, watching a movie, or organizing their things. Some of them stayed out to enjoy the sunny day, as we are in the transition into winter when the days are shorter and it is getting cold now.

Something fascinating about Miri Piri Academy is the fact that there are children from all over the world studying here! They are all fluent in English, which is the main language in which we all communicate, but they also speak German, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, French, Italian, and of course Punjabi. It is amazing that the students have friendships that will last a lifetime with someone from almost every country in the world! We celebrate and honor them as they are already making a difference in the world. They are learning to respect every culture and many different traditions, which gives them an appreciation for what it really means to experience oneness. This is the main principle of Sikhism “Ek Ong Kar.” We are one.