Children are beautiful…

Children are beautiful, inspirational, wonderful little gems full of personality and life. As adults we are hardwired to like children. They are the survival and perpetuation of our species. So why is it that I can always say that I love the children I teach, that I adore every single one of them and that I am thoroughly enjoying watching them grow and learn and become, but cannot always say that I actually like them?

Well they are children. Which also seems to mean that sometime in the night aliens take them and return little monsters in their place. Unfortunately these monsters tend to be mischievous, talkative, rude and entitled. It breaks my heart every time I see the monsters because I can also see how much more they are than that, and while they are kicking and screaming and fighting I wish that they could see in themselves what I, as their teacher, see. Sometimes the kicking and screaming and fighting little monsters will go on for days in this manner before the children are returned.

MPA has recently had an alien invasion and a number of little monsters were unleashed. It is not surprising, it is a natural process of growing, but it certainly is not fun for the adults that have to deal with them. This invasion went on for a few weeks and let me tell you the teachers were getting quite sick of it, until this happened:

This is the 11B class presenting a thank you card, along with homemade banana bread to all of the teachers and the school Principal. It is these little moments that remind me why teachers do what they do. Why they spend hours everyday with your children and then countless hours after school preparing lessons for them, grading their work and coming up with ideas to help teach them to become more than a monster, to become the amazing child that they truly are. It is in these moments that I remember that under the little monsters are the kids that I love and adore. 

– Amrit Kaur, Teacher