Celebrating Guru Ram Das

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

The streets of Amritsar were full this weekend with Sikhs celebrating Guru Ram Das’ birthday. On Friday, we joined with the other devotees, our academic teachers and the Sikh Dharma yatra for the annual Nagar Kirtan, where Sikhs parade through the streets of Amritsar stopping frequently to demonstrate their skills.
This was the first time that our academic teachers joined us for this event. It was so great to share this time together, outside of the classroom, the usual stresses and in the spirit of cherdi kala. Everyone enjoyed it, agreeing to do it again next year, with some teachers even asking to join the students for PT (physical training)!
The students did a great job during the Nagar Kirtan. Many people participated, even if they’ve only been practicing gatka for a month and a half. For those more skilled, they brought their A-game, sometimes going up against their teachers Gurprakash Singh, Sada Sat Simran Singh and Jugat Guru Singh. 
They also did a great job on security this year, going from walking formation, to sparring circles, back to walking formation seamlessly, making sure to protect the females and younger students throughout the day. 

Nagar Kirtan


Lunch at Bharawan da Dhaba

After a great Nagar Kirtan, we headed to Bharawan da Dhaba for some much needed lunch. It’s always a treat to have their authentic Punjabi food.