Celebrating and Serving our Family

On this Day, the Lord gave you Life, may you use it to Serve Him…

53The past weeks have been incredible at Miri Piri Academy! We recently celebrated the birthdays of both Guru Ram Das Dev Ji and Guru Nanak Dev Ji, to honor and commemorate their life and mission. Bandi Chor Diwas and Diwali, the Festival of Lights also took place during October, as well as many of the staff members’ birthdays. First Mona Bhatti and Saraswati Khalsa, then myself, and Amrit Singh, followed by Ajooni Singh and Jugat Guru Singh on this month of November. All of this while we are doing our 40 days of Parkarma Seva! It has been amazing to celebrate by providing something special for the students as they are the most important for all of us, we care about them, we love them dearly and it helps them to keep up and feel connected as a family. 

Mona is Amrit Singh’s personal assistant. Recently it was her 10th Anniversary of working at MPA and also her birthday on October 19th. The students from Malaysia cooked for the entire school in her honor. The food was extremely spicy but tasty for sure, and at the end they had cake to balance it with some sweetness.

October 20th was Saraswati’s birthday. She is the Assistant Principal, as well as the Director of Marketing and Admissions. She has been working here for almost ten years as well. She gave the students Mango Duet popsicles. She and her daughter Siri Aadi are very dear to all of us.

Then one week afterward it was my birthday on October 29th. I projected a special slideshow with some of the nicest pictures that I have been taking of them for the blog, including all the activities at the school and of the places we had visited. Sometimes they do not get the chance to see the pictures, so it was fun to put on the show and they really liked it. I was pleased to see their happy faces, as I am always grateful to be able to show the beauty of Miri Piri Academy through photography, which is one of my passions.

Amrit Singh’s birthday was the day after, October 30th. He is the Director of Residential Life and has been working at MPA for fifteen years. He and his wonderful family are a very important part of MPA. As he is originally from Germany, the students from Germany wanted to cook something traditional from their country for him, so they helped Ajooni and the kitchen staff to prepare dinner and later on during that time he gave away kulfis (Indian ice cream) to all the students. Each one of them had two different flavors, butterscotch and mango. Yummy!

Ajooni had his birthday the same day on which we celebrated Guru Nanak’s birthday, November 6th. A very auspicious day and a true blessing! He is very grateful to be working at MPA for the first time, accompanied by his lovely wife Prem Kaur and their beautiful daughter Adesh. He considers this opportunity a gift from the Siri Singh Sahib, whom he served for many years, so he wanted to do something really special for everybody to share his happiness and gratitude. His kitchen staff served pizza, pasta, veggie chips, chocolate cake, natural piña coladas and there was also a coffee machine. He hired a music system to have a real dancing party! The rhythm of the night was Bhangra of course! I think the most important message for the students is to experience how they can have real fun in a healthy environment. We all had a blast!

And last but not least, Jugat Guru Singh, our Principal, celebrated his birthday yesterday, November 13th. He and his wife Guru Dev Kaur shared iced coffee with vanilla ice cream and cake for all the students and the teachers. They were all surprised and had big smiles on their faces! 

May we all continue to serve and inspire our future generations.