Cambridge Examinations at Miri Piri Academy

Today I interviewed Kirandeep, Our Academic Principal, about what our Cambridge Certification is all about.

What does it mean for the students that MPA is an International Cambridge School?

“It means that our Students can now graduate from an accredited program with a prestigious degree, one that will be accepted by Universities world wide.”

What are some of the subjects that are in our curriculum? What is unique about these classes?

“The subjects offered are; English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Economics, Art and Design, and Applied Information and Communication Technology. What is unique about the way these classes are taught is that the Cambridge Curriculum doesn’t focus on memorization, but rather the focus is on applicative skills. Our students learn the subject matter instead of just memorizing information from a text book. Fifty percent of our teachers are now being specially trained by Cambridge to learn this way of teaching.”

What are the grade equivalencies in the Cambridge Program? How are the Students doing in this program so far?

“In this program a C is equal to a B+ in most other schools. Last year our students tested amazingly. One hundred percent of the students who tested got above a C in English, Physics, and Chemistry and 45% got A’s and A+’s in Mathematics.”

Thank you Kirandeep for sharing with us about Cambridge. She has been working hard for years on implementing this program and I am happy to see that Students are doing better then ever and how  much stronger our school has become because of the effort put into creating this program.