Boys Basketball Practice has Started!

 Today was the first day of Boys Basketball practice. Everyone was excited to get started with practice and the energy was high. The practice started with dribbling and movement drills and then transitioned into a practice game. The game was great, the students and coach started to figure out what position they would like to play and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I asked the coach, Gurprakash Khalsa, about his hopes and goals for the team.

“I would like to focus on the fundamentals, putting an emphasis on dribbling and passing. I’d really like the team to develop as a whole and for them to get to a point where they don’t react to pressure during a game. It is also important for me that the team is in great physical condition.”

I’m personally excited that basketball practice has started because that means we’ll have some great practice games with students. Basketball practice also gets the younger students, who would be too shy to play in a pickup game, to participate in the sport.

I enjoy taking pictures of basketball so be ready for more to come (video as well!)