Being Grateful

As I see the dragonflies fly by my office window

I am reminded of other free spirits…

The students I encounter everyday.

My journey which began 8 years ago, continues…

Each day, sometimes brings a smile on my lips and sometimes a frown on my brow

The joys, the challenges, the perseverance, the grit, and so much more

The pieces fit in together each day and I realise that I am… 

A large part of who I am, has been defined by the free spirits in my life.

Relationships, which are in the “core” of a person, are visible everyday

A hug, a huge smile, a high five, a large “thanks”, some discontent, and rarely a larger difference of opinion

I feel what they feel, I cry when they cry, I worry when they worry, I smile when they smile

Trying to find my joys within these relationships, I am transported to a world where only “we” exist.

I write this not because I have to, but because I want to

I live a life, which is richer, fulfilled and content

Eight years ago, my family was my husband and my two sons

Today my family includes my students, for whom I care (and worry about) as much as my own two boys.


How then can one not be grateful for an experience such as this!

Kirandeep Kaur

Principal of Academics