Beautiful Turbans

Saturday marked the year’s second school competition, the Turban Tying Competition.  This is held every year at the start of the year to motivate all of our students, new and old, to learn and perfect their turbans at the start of the year. Older and more experienced students help the new students with a skill that some of them have never practiced before. Students had limited time to tie their best full and under turbans. They were judged on neatness, cleanliness, and sturdiness. There were lots of laughs and cheering from the crowd. Sadly, Hargobind Atwal and Siri Sham Sunder Singh weren’t awarded extra points for their Siamese turban!
  • Best Intermediate Girl Ears out Turban= Surya Bahadur (Blue) 5pts
  • Best Intermediate Girl Full Turban = Amrit Kaur (Gold) 5pts
  • Best Senior Girl Ears Out Turban= Har Simran (Blue) 5pts
  • Best Senior Girl Full Turban= Guru Anter (Silver) 5pts
  • Best Intermediate Boy House Turban= Manjot Singh (Gold) 5pts
  • Best Intermediate Boy Full Turban= Imanjit (Gold) 5pts
  • Best Senior Boy House Turban= Dev Amrit Singh (Gold) 5pts
  • Best Senior Boy Full Turban= Bhagat (Silver) 5pts
  • Best New Turban Tyers= Hans (Blue) 5pts and Sarabjot (Blue) 5pts