Harian Bela and Baba Nihal Singh Ji

BabaNihalThis past Thursday we went on a field day trip to Harian Bela to meet with Baba Nihal Singh, a Jethadar of Tarna Dal, one of the factions of the Nihang Singhs and a living legend. He is an elder who is full of spirit and a great source of inspiration and knowledge.  We started our journey at 7 in the morning and  after an hour and a half, we made our first stop at Haveli, an iconic Punjabi restaurant, where the food and the service were truly great. They took good care of us and then we continued to our destination, Harian Bela, the village where Baba Nihal Singh lives. We arrived after another hour and we spent the whole day there. We visited the two different Gurdwaras, walked in the nearby fields and jungles to connect with nature and visited the Nihang Singh’s horses and cows. We had a delicious langar. 

When we met with Baba Ji, he kindly spent nearly three hours with us, sharing his wisdom and answering the student’s questions. Why do Sikhs wear certain colors, for example. Blue brings peace to those who wear it and to its surroundings. It is the color of the sky which covers us all with its divine energy, without exception. Why it is good to wear a kara for protection, recite the Banis (daily prayers) and live under the righteousness of this path. He gracefully and patiently answered all the questions the students had for him. The most innocent one was: “I wonder if you ever get angry?” to which he replied “Not really, I would just pretend to be angry sometimes to make a person think about their attitude.” His main advice was to always keep a calm and focused mind with the power of reciting bani so that you do not get defeated by your own conflicted mind and start putting yourself or anyone down because of your thoughts; to keep that higher frequency of living and commitment to this sacred path.

We were so honored to spend this precious time with Baba Nihal Singh who, much to our surprise, served each one of us from his own hands two pieces of fruit as prasad after he finished sharing his wisdom with us . Then we went to have chai tea and held one final formation where he came to send us off with his blessing. We went back to the buses where the drivers were ready to start on our way home. They always drive carefully and safely. If you have been to India, you know that is not an easy task!

It was a long day and quite an adventure. Harian Bela holds a beautiful healing energy and we felt different after being there with Baba Nihal Singh Ji. More aware and in tune with ourselves and elevated by his radiant presence. We are extremely grateful for this experience!