Another Year, Another Celebration of Our Unique Students

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The grade 12 graduation party, better known as 12thies, was held on Saturday night. It’s a celebration of the graduating class, commemorating them for all of the hard work and dedication they’ve put into their years at MPA. It is always a bittersweet moment for those of us who will remain at MPA, remembering each one of them and the unique gifts that they shared and developed during their time with us.

There are fourteen students in this year’s graduating class – Arina, Carlos, Chandra, Dharm Kaur, Emilia, Huang, Gyan Preet Singh, Konrad, Malie, Mieke, Nanki, Santmit Singh, Siri Vias Kaur, and Zhou. They represent nine countries – Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, India, Kazakhstan,  Mexico, Thailand, and the United States. They’ve been studying at Miri Piri Academy for two to six years, dedicating themselves to the program and taking on leadership roles this year as the grade 12 class. We wish them well and will miss them dearly.

Here’s to the graduating class!

The 12th graders each bring an escort with them to 12thies, someone from the younger grades. Watch them make their grand entrance, and enjoy the evening’s entertainment:


Executive Principal,  Jugat Guru Singh Khalsa, addressing the 12th Grade Class


12th Grade Class with their Escorts

Photos by Hargobind Singh Khalsa

The Evening’s Organizers

The event was organized by the Grade 11 class. The main organizers were Siri Gyan Singh, Premnath, Annika, Luna and Dharam Singh. They worked hard throughout the year to make this event possible, putting on numerous fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the evening, selling snacks at Milk Break and each competition, as well as hosting regular movie nights.


The grade 12 students were each presented with a unique T-shirt created just for them.

The guests

All of the students, staff, and teachers were at the event to celebrate the 12th grade class. Here are pictures of the guests during the event.