Another day with the Intermediate Boys

Yesterday was a great day here in Anandpur. It was the first day of the boys full schedule. We got up at 5, did Sadhna followed by a run to the Anandghar Fort where the boys did PT outside the fort, running up and down the fort steps. Then we returned and had lungar at Keshgarh Sahib ( this is where we eat all our meals) followed by study time. Then we went on the bus to visit a few historic Gurudwaras, it was awesome to hear the stories of these old historic forts and to imagine what it was like in Anandpur during Guru Gobind Singh’s time.

That afternoon we had Gatka led by Gurprakash, boxing led by Jugat Guru, and Wrestling/ Brazilian Ju Jitsu led by myself. These afternoon activities really seem to bring together the intermediates as a group and help toughen them up as well. The day concluded with lungar and meditation.

As you can imagine everyone was very tired and went straight to sleep. After one day of this schedule and with the attention being given to them I can already notice a change I their behaviour individually and as a group.


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