Finally in Step!

The intermediates are now back from their 5 day long trip to Anandpur Sahib. The last day we woke up early and did our Sadhna as usual. After Sadhna Amrit took us all on a run. We had a goal that was only two and a half miles away, but we would only take this route if everyone could keep step with each other during the run. The intermediates were having too much trouble getting on step and so Amrit took us on a different route. Before long we had already gone four miles out of the way. Everyone, including me, was very frustrated that we couldn’t all get on step. LEFT! LEFT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! We kept calling this cadence, but some of the younger ones couldn’t get it and so we kept going. We ended up running a total of six miles and ended up doing a giant loop, ending back up at Yogi Bhajan’s house, where we were staying. By the end of the run the Intermediates finally got it down and we finished very strong. This was frustrating for everyone, but all the intermediates felt accomplished after this run was done. This tightened them as a group and bonded everyone together with mutual exhaustion. 

It took us six miles to get together and for everyone to get on step, but we did it. It took them five days to get in step with the MPA routine, in step with their group, and instep with themselves, but they did it. 

Great job intermediate boys! You held strong throughout this week and the difference is clear in your faces and in your discipline. Now it’s time to hold this energy and this focus for the rest of the year, building and improving yourselves and the group each step of the way.