Anandpur Sahib

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

We’re back from our start of the year trip to Anandpur Sahib and ready for the school year. 

It was a great four days of exercise, visiting gurdwaras, langar, seva and getting to know each other. Here’s what our trip looked like. 

Arriving at Dashmesh Sadan

Dashmesh Sadan is the home of Yogi Bhajan in Anandpur Sahib. We’re blessed to be able to start off our year in the beauty and tranquility of that space. 

Taragarh Sahib

Over the course of the four days, we visited many gurdwaras in and around Anandpur Sahib, including Taragarh Sahib. In 1688, Guru Gobind Singh, built a fort at this site as part of a chain of defensive fortifications of Anandpur Sahib.

It was just about to rain when we arrived at Taragarh Sahib. We entered the gurdwara, bowed, recited Benti Chaupai and then waited in silence for the rain to pass. During that time, the sevadars of the gurdwara kindly prepared chai for us, which we enjoyed on the veranda just as the rain stopped. 

Seva at Keshgarh Sahib

During our time in Anandpur Sahib, we ate langar many times at Keshgarh Sahib. After visiting Taragarh Sahib, we went to Keshgarh Sahib to serve; helping hand out plates, serve langar, wash dishes, peel garlic and make rotis. It was great seeing all of the students get involved and enjoy serving the sangat. 


One of the main reasons we have this trip at the beginning of the year is to ease the students into a year together. For our returning students, it’s a chance to catch up with old friends and for everyone, it’s an opportunity to form new friendships and get to know the new students. 


Our trip to Anandpur Sahib also included a lot of physical exercise, including PT (physical training), gatka, wresting and marching. Stay tuned for those highlights.