Anandpur Sahib Part 2

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A big part of our Anandpur Sahib trip was physical exercise; getting the students grounded and accustomed to the physical activities that play a big part in life at MPA. Every afternoon we spent time exercising, starting with PT (physical training) before moving on to wrestling, gatka or marching. 

Take a look!

Gatka Wars at Guru Ka Lahore

On Friday morning, we left at 5:30am for Guru Ka Lahore, the site of Guru Gobind Singh’s wedding. After bowing in the gurdwara, the students participated in Gatka Wars, the gatka version of Capture the Flag. The basic rules are that if you get hit with a stick three separate times, then you’re out. 

After the wars we had breakfast, which was kindly prepared for us by the sevadars of the gurdwara.

The infamous run and stairs at Anandgarh Sahib

On the final morning, the students participated in a 5km run to Anandgarh before climbing the stairs multiple times. The run was done together, keeping a slow pace so that the group could stay in unison. For those that are used to the MPA program and the physicality, they’re encouraged to give support and inspire the new students. 

After the stairs, we had some fruit and electrolytes before spending some time relaxing in the beautiful gurdwara complex. 

Ready for MPA

When we returned from Anandgarh Sahib, the students had 45 minutes to get packed and on the bus. After taking a group picture with Siri Bhrosa Kaur (the caretaker of Dashmesh Sadan), we loaded our buses to head back to MPA.