My Amazing Pottery Class

My pottery teacher is amazing. His name is Jagdish Lal. He is 40 years old. He is tall; he has short black hair and a warm smile. He is great because he is funny and kind. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to understand him because he knows mostly Punjabi and I am just learning English, but the magic of art always plays the trick and we end up working together just fine.

He started to do pottery 6 years ago and he teaches pottery because it is part of his family tradition. My first class was intimidating and yet nice. He helped me to do a flower pot, saying to me how to do, demonstrating and and doing everything to help me. I was impressed by his patience and knowledge.

At the end of the day, I really enjoy taking pottery class because when I have nobody to talk to or I do not feel like talking to anybody, this class makes me feel calm. When my mind is very negative, doing pottery allows my mind to come back to normal. It’s like a meditation to me.

Pottery also allows me to show my feelings: anger, sadness, happiness, or whatever emotion I am going through. Sometimes, I feel homesick but my emotions go away as soon as I get into the art building. When I am doing pottery, I forget temporarily about Brazil, my home country. Pottery helps me so much to find a happy and balanced life at MPA.

-Manpreet Kaur, 8th grade