Also from this past summer – 1st Annual MPA Benefit Basketball Tournament

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This summer, we hosted our first annual MPA Benefit Basketball Tournament in Espanola. I know its late but everyone knows what a busy time summer is in Espanola so I hope you’ll forgive us. It was a fun, high-spirited afternoon and we thank everyone who came out to play, those who served and all those who attended. We raised more than $5000 to support our students and it was so much fun. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Special thanks goes out to Shabd Singh who commentated the entire tournament. It was a marathon effort; switching back and forth between courts while never missing a beat. His focus and knowledge of the players added a lot to the event. 

We’d also like to thank:

  • All the dedicated alumni, staff, parents and grandparents who sponsored players or donated on the side
  • Siri Vishnu Singh and LYF for offering the Sombrillo Elementary School gym for this event and helping us get it set up
  • Sat Darshan Singh for lending and setting up the sound system
  • Members of the Espanola Sangat for baking treats and providing drinks to sell 
  • Chocolate Maven and Dharm Singh Khalsa for sponsoring the first place prizes
  • Himmat Singh and Gurprakash Singh for rounding up and organizing the players
  • Siri Nam Singh and all those at KYC for allowing the staff of Khalsa Youth Camp to play and attend
  • MPA students for running the bake sale
  • And all those players who stepped up to help keep score


On the Court

Off the Court