8th Grade Beginners English Class

Today I sat in on Gagandeep’s beginners English class. The students in this class are learning english as their second language and so need special attention away from their normal classes. This class is very small with only three students in it.

“Having such a small class allows me to focus in on each child’s individual needs. I’m able to sit personally with each student for enough time to really help them improve their English skills no matter their current level.”


One of the students, Gian Preet, is from Italy and lives in Brazil so he speaks both Italian and Portuguese. He agreed with having small classes, saying that he felt like he was advancing very quickly thanks to this personal approach to learning. Shivraj, a student in the class from Mexico is also learning English as his second language and told me that he really enjoys this class because the teacher makes the class dynamic and fun by teaching a range of  subject matter like poetry and story structure.

The third student, Mandeep, is newer to English then the other two, but because of the structure and size of the class he is improving rapidly and does not feel left behind.