40 Days of Devotion

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

Our second annual 40 days of seva and sadhana has begun! 

In the springtime, the students have the option to participate in 40 days of parkarma seva at the Golden Temple or 40 days of sadhana at Miri Piri Academy. This year the majority of students have chosen to participate in the seva option. This is the required option for the younger students and is often chosen by the graduating class as well, since this is their last opportunity to participate in this seva while at MPA. The seva option starts earlier at 1:50am, but there’s plenty of time to sleep when we return to the school around 4am. 

Along with doing parkarma seva, most of the students have chosen additional sadhanas to practice either at the Harimandir Sahib, on the way to and from the Harimandir Sahib or at another time of day. For some, this means dipping in the sarovar, reading one or more banis, reciting a mantra or doing a silent meditation on the parkarma. There are several staff members accompanying the students to the Harimandir Sahib including Ajooni Singh, Ananda Kaur, Himmat Singh, Kulwinder Kaur, Liza, and myself, Japjeet Kaur. 

The sadhana option was chosen by 26 students and begins at 4:30am back at MPA. This year’s sadhana is made up of several kriyas: Uttar Kriya, Shushmana Kriya, Awaken Kundalini Kriya, the Yoga Set to Overcome Weakness, and Self Ecstasy Balance Stability and Experience the Soul. It takes approximately two hours and fifteen minutes to complete and was put together by Jugat Guru Singh who is facilitating this sadhana.  It is very challenging, with various arm movements and postures. 



Ready to Serve in the Sarovar

After Seva – Prashad, Dipping, Chai, Meditating, Yogi Tea