40 Day Seva Has Begun!

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

We kicked off our annual 40 Day Seva this morning at the Golden Temple. The 40 Day Seva is a special time of year for the school where we go to the Golden Temple at 2am each morning for 40 days to help wash the floors of the parkarma. During this time, most students will stand in the sarovar and wait to fill up any bucket that gets handed to them, while other students carry buckets, sweep, move plants, or wash dishes. How they participate is up to them. 

The students are encouraged to make the experience a meditative one from start to finish; to fully immerse themselves in the experience. While they might be drawn at any point to sleep, chat or listen to music, they’re encouraged to participate in the recommended sadhana or choose one of their own liking. 

This year’s recommended sadhana is:

  • to recite 108 Mul Mantras during seva
  • to recite each of the five banis – Japji Sahib, Benti Chaupai, Jaap Sahib, Tev Prasaad Swaiyaas, and Anand Sahib
  • to recite one pauri of Japji eleven times, either continuing with the next pauri the following day or repeating the same pauri each day

Both the girls and boys dorms are also doing an optional evening meditation called Meditation to Become Your Own Counsellor. 

These 40 days are a special time for us at the school. If you’d like to join in the magic, consider beginning your own 40 day sadhana or join us in the recommended sadhana.