12th Grade Party!

This Saturday was the much anticipated 12th grade party. This is an event which is looked forward to all year around. Students plan what their going to wear weeks in advance and many get specially tailored suits, saris, dresses, and cholas made just for this occasion. This party is organized by the 11th grade class who have been raising money all year.

The 12th graders spend the day of the party getting pampered at a hotel in town, later they are met by the 11th graders who are going to be their escorts for the night. This is when everyone poses together for pictures after getting dressed up. Meanwhile back at the school the rest of the students and staff get the party started with some appetizers, provided by the catering service, as they await the arrival of the 12th graders.

Now the 12th graders roll up in our special blacked out window bus. They walk the red carpet with their escorts and take their honored seats in front of the stage. Now it’s time for performances. A few groups of students performed songs for their friends in 12th grade. After the performances comes the food, which was catered by one of our schools favorite restaurants in town.

Following dinner we had students and 12th graders give speeches. I really liked the speeches this year because many of them were very heart felt and honest. Speeches are done and now it’s time for the dancing, hosted by the hippest DJ in town. People danced and let down their hair, metaphorically speaking, head covers ladies.

This was a great 12thies party, congratulations 12th graders, your done (almost). Don’t forget exams are around the corner. And great job to the 11th graders for organizing the great party.

Photos by Siri Krishna Kaur Khalsa