Our monthly donors sustain Miri Piri Academy through all the highs and lows. You are a part of our spirit. Through your contributions we are keeping faith with our teacher, keeping up through every challenge in the spirit of Cherdi Kalaa, ever rising towards excellence.

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Miri Piri Academy is operated by KYEF, a registered non-profit organization under Indian law. Donations made in India through HDFC are tax deductible for Indian residents. Click on the button below to give in India.


Paypal donations for Miri Piri Academy are processed by Sikh Dharma Education International, a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization in the United States.


The Miri Piri Academy Annual Fund supports not only our operations, academic program and facilities, it also supports our Financial Aid program, which makes it possible for more than 66% of our students to attend the school. 

Your gift to Miri Piri Academy is a gift to the future generations, who will bring their knowledge and their spirit home to share with their communities all over the world. Help us change the world, one student at a time.

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Miri Piri Academy needs to raise $150,000 by the end of June 2019. Be a part of changing our student's lives. #195BB0 Raised $77,210 towards the $160,000 target.

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Akal Dayal – Undying, Compassionate is a beautiful book honoring the miraculous life, legacy, and passing of our beloved teacher Yogi Bhajan, the Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji.  It commemorates the light of his spiritual essence which continues to bless all those whom he loved, and that is the entire human race. No longer in print, the author has generously made a PDF version of the book available for our donors.

This book was lovingly created by Sangat members from across the globe, 230 Beautiful Pages featuring: illustrated Hukams from the forty days following the Siri Singh Sahib’s transition to the Infinite; his words about this time of transition and our spiritual destiny; and many uplifting, historical articles, features, and photographs. A section for children lovingly explains his passing, and conveys the heart of his message, to nurture the God inside and in each one of us.

Students and staff of Miri Piri Academy illustrated one set of Hukams, the ones from Harimandir Sahib.  Sangat members from across the United States illustrated a second set of Hukams, which came from Gurdwaras in Espanola, New Mexico where he resided.

Donate $108 or more, or set up a recurring donation to support Yogi Bhajan’s vision for a spiritually uplifting, academically challenging, and transformative school.

What can your donation do?

Your donation can pay for:

$50 – Classroom Desk and Supplies for One Student $108 – One set of Practice Tablas $200 – One Student to go to the International Yoga Festival $500 – All Sports Equipment for One Semester $1000 – Fuel Costs to complete 40 Days Parkarma Seva at Golden Temple $2000 – Three INR 40,000 Merit Scholarships Awarded to Deserving Students $5000 – One Financial Aid Award Covering 40% of Tuition, Room and Board

Where will my money go when I give to the Annual Development Fund? Gifts will be put into action as soon as you make your gift, to be used where the money is needed the most, supporting professional development, faculty salaries, educational equipment, supplies, technology, financial aid program, spiritual life programs, athletics, performing and fine arts, the library, campus facilities and maintenance.

Why should I give to the Annual Development Fund? Your gift allows Miri Piri Academy to:

* Develop programs and facilities that will withstand the test of time. * Attract and retain the best and brightest faculty * Provide immediate support for school programs * Increase our community participation level as we seek grants and gifts from individual donors * Ensure a diverse student body through continued financial aid availability * Maintain our beautiful school grounds and physical plant

Who else gives to Miri Piri Academy? Foundations and larger donors evaluate the commitment level of our constituencies based on annual giving participation levels.  Every parent, grandparent, alumni, faculty and staff member, and friend that gives is as important as the dollar amount of the gift.  Any size gift makes a difference and boosts our participation level to help us secure more resources for the school.

Please make a contribution today.  Your donations are a vital part of the development and growth of Miri Piri Academy now and for our future generations.