Amritsar Scholarship Program


The past few years have spurred innovations and improvements in our academic and cultural philosophies. From that, the idea of a day school was born and will start in April 2023, along with the boarding students who will start in August 2023. 

The goal of MPA was to give children a rich mind/body/spirit education, and the location of Amritsar was chosen to support that mission. While our tuition is standard for international boarding schools, our day school rate is slightly higher than average in India, and we want to make it possible for as many local students to attend. 

Our Amritsar Scholarship Program aims to support 11 local students to attend MPA.

The cost for tuition is 5K per student per year, or 40,681 INR. 

Our total goal is to raise 55K USD / 44,74,965 INR by March 1st, 2023.

Why become a sponsor?

  • The addition of a day school with local students will bring closer ties to our local community and enriches an already diverse international student body
  • Support low-income families in and around Amritsar, who otherwise would not be able to send their children
  • Pay homage to the ancestral lineage of Punjabis who have lived in this area for years and welcome them into our community

Parents, family members, and alumni know the value of an MPA education. This is a chance to be directly involved and make a difference in the lives of our students.

How to become a sponsor

Make a pledge amount that works for you. You could choose to sponsor the full tuition of one student at 3K USD (roughly 2880 Euro), or make a different pledge at a smaller or greater amount of your choosing. 

Make a pledge commitment for more than 1 year. Once we give a student a scholarship, they will need financial support for the rest of their schooling to continue at MPA. The benefit of an MPA education is cumulative, and it’s normal in India for children to stay at the same school once they enter in their middle school years. 

Sponsor a child as a sangat for one or several years. This is a great way to make it affordable to pledge the full 5K per year, and come together as a community to sponsor a student. 

Send in pledges before March 1st, 2023. MPA cannot award scholarships before we receive pledge confirmations. The money can be given in a timely fashion that works for you over the course of the school year, which is April 15th, 2022 – March 8th, 2023. 

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We’d love to hear from you! Contact us with any questions or comments you have about our program at [email protected]