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October 2022 Newsletter

In this issue: Message from MPA: Our year ahead REMINDER: Events by Miri Piri Academy MPA Winter Gathering MPA Alumni…

January 2023 Newsletter

In this issue: Message from MPA Participant sharings from Winter Gathering Meet our Teachers and Staff MPA Spotlight MPA Prospectus…


March 2023 Newsletter


In this issue:

  • Message from MPA
  • Event Highlights
  • Upcoming: Camp Miri Piri
  • Recap: Women’s Camp
  • Meet our Teachers
  • MPA Spotlight
  • Bibiji & Kamaljeet Kaur on Zoom
  • Parent Info Session for Boarding School
  • Future Students Visit MPA
  • Welcoming Staff Children – Part 2

Message From MPA

Sat Nam SDEI Board,

Last month we hosted women from around the world at Miri Piri Academy and in Anandpur Sahib for our first ever Women’s Gathering. Our participants arrived in India, some for the first time, and experienced the powerful difference of meditating and being with sangat on the sacred lands of our Gurus. The Women’s Gathering concluded our first three courses hosted at Miri Piri Academy for alumni and adults.

All the courses reminded me how important it is to gather in sangat to inspire and support each other, and how unique India is to one’s spiritual growth. Every single person at the camps had a personally meaningful and transformative experience. I was grateful to be able to contribute to our community by helping to provide these opportunities.

Now that this season’s courses are complete, we’re turning our attention toward our day school and boarding school programs. Later this month we are hosting an online parent information session with more insight into our Boarding School program, with the next cohort beginning classes in September 2023. You’re invited to join this session on March 25 at 8 a.m. PST / 9:30 p.m. IST. See more details.

Next month marks the start of our first Day School program. To prepare for the arrival of our students, our teachers are preparing the first expedition that will run from April to June and focus on the importance of community.

A big thank you goes out to everyone in our community. Together we are creating a beautiful space for youth and adults alike to grow at MPA.

Japjeet Kaur Khalsa, Head of School


Upcoming event for prospective students: Camp Miri Piri

Camp Miri Piri is here! Prospective students between the ages of 9 – 14 are welcome to come discover what life is like at Miri Piri Academy. We will be arranging activities including bhangra, Kundalini yoga and meditation, art, gatka and games.

When: March 18 & March 19, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Who: For anyone between the ages of 9 – 14 years
Where: Miri Piri Academy, Guru Ki Wadali, Chheharta, Amritsar – 143105
Cost: This event is free of charge.

For any information, feel free to connect with us on +91-8054018906 or write us on [email protected]


Women Gathering Highlights 

The Women’s Gathering was an absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone participated fully and was eager to soak up all the experiences and teachings. Shanti Kaur was a vessel of knowledge and love for Guru Gobind Singh, Sukhdev Kaur held space for our healing and led us in Kundalini yoga and gatka, Rupinder Kaur inspired everyone to improve their Gurmukhi pronunciation and led us in reciting Sukhmani Sahib, Tiaga Prithi Kaur held women’s circles and lead evening kirtan.

All of the women in attendance brought with them their devotion, their openness, their curiosity, and their prayers for their families and communities. They left camp lighter, inspired and ready to uplift their communities. Here are a few photos from the different activities.

Participant Sharings

Transformation and connection at the heart of Women’s Gathering participant Sally Bradford

“Thank you for the most amazing and transformational two weeks of my life. I know my life will never be the same again! I cried, I laughed, I smiled, and I let go. I got to experience the most beautiful places I have ever been to. I knew I had to be here: India and the Guru were calling! This is my second time to India but my first travelling as a single woman and at all times on this trip I have felt safe and looked after. Somehow magically, we came together from all over the world to become sisters of destiny.

For the first time ever, I got to feel true happiness and words cannot describe how beautiful that felt. I truly believe this is just the start of an incredible journey, not only for me, but for Kundalini Yoga. It’s like it has come full circle – Yogi Bhajan took it to the west, and now he is bringing it back home to India … and those who truly love him and believe in the power of his teachings will follow. A rebirth is happening and a new era awaits us!” – Sally Bradford, Australia, Women’s Gathering participant 2023.


A reflection on hosting the Women’s Gathering, Winter Gathering and Alumni Gathering from Japjeet Kaur Khalsa

“Every event had a unique flavour and was a completely different experience, but the MPA-spirit was present throughout! To me one of the defining elements of the “MPA-spirit” is applying oneself 100% to everything – to the activities, to absorb the experience, to being with and supporting each other.

I personally learned a lot through the camps. I visited many new gurdwaras and experienced familiar places in new ways. I was able to experience the teachings with those who have been walking the path longer than me as well as those seeing it for the first time. Both of those are humbling experiences.

Every time I work with our community in sharing teachings, I’m constantly amazed at the knowledge, skill and generosity of our community. All the teachers that participated were wonderful and inspiring. I’m looking forward to working with them all again.” – Japjeet Kaur Khalsa, Head of School, MPA (pictured 2nd from the right in above photo)



Meet our teachers and staff!
It’s our pleasure to introduce the MPA teachers and staff who will support our students this year. See the first, second and third batch of teachers.

Dharam Singh
From: Norway
Subject: Sports

Dharam Singh is an MPA Alumni where he was a student for five years. After graduating, he embarked on different adventures including serving in the army, coaching and refereeing soccer, and moving to Germany to work in e-commerce.

“As an MPA Alumni, I can relate to and share different perspectives with students. I look forward to supporting future MPA students by helping them feel at home, while helping them understand what Miri Piri Academy stands for.”
– Dharam Singh


Siri Amrit Thielefeldt
From: Germany
Subject: Art & Design

Siri Amrit Thielefeldt is an MPA Alumni and has a foundation diploma in Art and Design and Media Experimentation. Her three years being a student at Miri Piri Academy inspired many of her assignments in her diploma program including creating a video about yoga, another video about her experience at MPA and a booklet about the seven chakras.

“I want to help future MPA students learn to be themselves, and to understand the teachings and lifestyle that we practice at Miri Piri Academy. I hope that I can support and acknowledge each student to feel at home while staying at Miri Piri Academy.“
– Siri Amrit Thielefeld


MPA Spotlight

Check out what the MPA community is up to!

Bibiji and Kamaljeet Kaur participate virtually in Women’s Gathering in intimate sharing session

A heartfelt thank you goes to Bibiji, the wife of Yogi Bhajan, along with their daughter Kamaljeet Kaur, for being with us on Zoom to share their wisdom and love. Having this time and space to speak with them was a much-needed gift.


Parent Information Session for August start boarding school:

Are you interested in sending your child to our boarding school? Do you want to learn more? You’re invited to join our online Parent Information Session on March 25.


Info session details: Saturday, March 25 at 8 a.m. PST, 9:30 p.m. IST

Join the info session using this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85845864493?pwd=TmlNV1hGeXBkM3RNWUtHcDlIYzl1QT09

Meeting ID: 858 4586 4493
Passcode: 308921

Can’t join online? Find your local call-in phone number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kEsJgIUK

Future students visit MPA campus

We know that sending your child to boarding school can bring questions. We think the best way to answer them is by visiting our campus! We are open to hosting potential students at Miri Piri Academy and recently scheduled a tour for this purpose. Students and parents experienced our space including classrooms, play areas and meeting some of our staff members.

Deva Singh and his son Kirpal Singh travelled from Germany to join the tour – they are pictured front right.


Welcoming staff children to MPA family – Part 2

“I have been associated with Miri Piri Academy for the past 13 years and I come to work here with the feeling of sewa for the academy and students who study here. The values found at the academy and the work culture are stronger and deeply cultivated than any other work place and motivates me to do my best.”

“The prime point before considering the school for my child is the board of the school followed by co-curricular activities in addition to the academics. At Miri Piri Academy, all the concerns are satisfied and I have myself seen the academy in function for over a decade.” – Rajeev Kumar, Electrician


“A suitable working environment is extremely essential for mental wellbeing and job satisfaction. Having similar values at the workplace and home imparts happiness in both spheres of life. At Miri Piri Academy, the work culture and environment is really good, as compared to many organizations.

I am very critical about the growth of my child and this is the reason we have changed his school three times. I have practically visited all the schools of Amritsar and at Miri Piri Academy I am confident that my child will grow within the family. Project based learning, sports activities are some of the differentiating factors that makes the Miri Piri Academy graduate stand out.” – Navpreet Kaur Dhillon, Registered Nurse