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February 2023 Newsletter

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October 2022 Newsletter

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April 2023 Newsletter


In this issue:

  • Message from MPA
  • Events
  • Highlights: Camp Miri Piri
  • MPA Spotlight
  • Kulbir Singh Ji Visits MPA
  • Sevadar Recognition: Dharamjot Kaur
  • Sikhs in US Army: Guru Raj Singh

Message From MPA

Sat Nam Japjeet Kaur,

Yesterday we opened our doors to welcome our first cohort of day school students at Miri Piri Academy. I felt an immense amount of joy throughout the day, seeing students on campus again. We were all touched by the openness and enthusiasm of these courageous students who are beginning this journey with us and are pleased to have the opportunity to share the MPA spirit with our local community. When our boarding school students arrive on campus in September, both the day school and boarding school students will learn collaboratively in the same classroom, based on grade. Teaching our students in this way will allow greater opportunities for sharing ideas and cultures between peers. We are excited to create an atmosphere where both local and international students can integrate their knowledge and experiences, and in the process grow and evolve further in their personal learning journeys.In order to help our international boarding school students get to know each other and begin the process of joining MPA, we have created a WhatsApp group for parents. If you are interested in joining this group and connecting with other parents, please let me know. We recognize that it is a big decision to come to MPA and a big transition for new students and are here to help you through that transition. In our previous newsletters, we shared some of the highlights of the first three courses we offered to the public. Following the enthusiasm and success of these inaugural events, we have decided to incorporate programmes into our yearly schedule at Miri Piri Academy. For the 2023-2024 year, we are planning several offerings. As we finalize those courses, we will share that information with you so that you have plenty of time to plan your journey to India.  We thank God and Guru, and all members of our community for supporting MPA throughout the past couple of years as we prepared the new vision for our school and our campus in India. We look forward to connecting with you all in the coming year through our classic and novel MPA offerings.

Blessings,Japjeet Kaur Khalsa, Head of School


Fun times at Camp Miri Piri

We were thrilled to welcome children ages 9 – 14 children to our two-day Camp Miri Piri. The camp showcased life at MPA to potential students and parents and what makes us a unique school. Participants got to try Bhangra, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Art, Gatka and games.

MPA Spotlight

Kulbir Singh Ji, son of Yogi Bhajan, visits and stays at MPA campus during Camp Miri Piri

Did you know? Kulbir Singh Ji oversaw the original construction and set up of Miri Piri Academy in 1996. His visit to our campus last month auspiciously aligned with our preparations to open our campus for the first time ever to day school students, which begin this month.

Coincidences like these remind us how God and Guru are always with us and guiding us in our journey. We are forever grateful to Kulbir Singh Ji and his family for their love and support.

Traveling together with Kulbir Singh Ji were MPA graduates Sada Sat Simran Singh (who is part of Chardikala Jatha) and Simran Singh (who represents Sikh Dharma internationally). It was an honour and a pleasure to host them on campus.

Sevadar (Volunteer) Recognition: Dharamjot Kaur

From: China
Seva: Translating MPA materials into Mandarin

All of us at Miri Piri Academy are grateful for Dharamjot Kaur’s integral seva as it allows more Mandarin speakers to learn about MPA. Due to Dharamjot Kaur’s seva, many parents gain greater understanding of MPA and feel comfortable sending their children to study here.

“I decided to start volunteering for MPA in translation because I was very inspired by the fact that Chinese children who attended MPA changed so much in a very short time. I was very touched by the community spirit which I could not find anywhere else in this world.”

“Translating materials for Chinese parents is important because parents who never practiced Kundalini Yoga can understand deeper about why meditation and kriya is very good for children and can feel safe knowing what their children are doing every day.” – Dharamjot Kaur

In case you missed it: (Article) Sikhs in US Army: Guru Raj Singh

Guru Raj Singh is a third generation American Sikh with a long and deep connection to India. He spent several years studying in Amritsar at Miri Piri Academy and says his years spent at the school trained him in various life skills such being on time, appreciating the uniform and being able to fit into a highly structured lifestyle.

Read more about his family, his devotion to Sikhi and about his time spent in the army.