Our Approach to Learning

Each student is different, and we know students learn in different ways. We recognize and work with the individual strengths and challenges each student has, and offer dynamic classes with different structures and course content.

A Blended and Dynamic Curriculum

We believe that meaningful learning is a transformative process in which understanding, application and thoughtful reflection on information leads to changes in a person’s behavior and perception of the world around them.

The fundamental core life concepts of contemplation, self-evaluation, hard work, and sharing are integrated into engaging and rigorous class structures and content. Our curriculum draws from two popular and effective learning systems, Interdisciplinary Studies and Expeditionary Learning. As students navigate each stage of their learning journey, we encourage them to connect their learning to themselves and the world around them.

Meaningful, Personalized Growth

Learning is measured by the growth of knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge to new situations and experiences. Every student comes in at different levels, and we use different ways of assessing progress. 

1. Growth is cyclical, not linear – Teachers give continuous support to students to help them improve their study habits and skills. We assess each student’s learning style and give tailored support to how they learn best. 

2. Mistakes are a stepping stone to success – Students can revise their work until it’s clear they grasp the assignment and deliver their best possible finished product.

3. Feedback and tests give a frame of reference for progress – Evaluations are given through written and verbal feedback, tests, and demonstrations of skills. 

4. One step at a time – We set learning targets for each defined stage in the Expeditionary Learning projects. These serve as rest stops for the teachers to make sure everyone is on track and for students to evaluate what they’ve completed, what they’ve learned, what isn’t working, and what the next steps are. 

5. Supportive connections help students thrive – All students are a part of a small advisory group led by a teacher and residential staff member. Our advisors provide personal and group academic and social-emotional mentorship to create a personalized, supportive learning experience. 

Flexible Schedule

Our academic year is divided into four terms with a week-long break after eight weeks, during which students leave campus to explore parts of India.

Our unique schedule changes depending on the seasons and the flow of the year. Twice a year, the students participate in a 40-day ishnaan seva at the Golden Temple. Time for academic study is adjusted during this special program to ensure that the students get enough rest and sleep.

Small and Inclusive Classrooms

We limit our class size to 15 students, and many are often smaller. Our small classes allow students to receive personalized attention, improving their sense of belonging in the classroom and performance. Students aren’t sorted on perceived ability or achievement record. We believe all students can learn and grow when provided with the required coaching and support.

Teachers who care

Our teachers come from many parts of the world, including India, and align with the values and principles of our whole school program. They encourage students to build on their passions, engage in meaningful discussions, think critically, and most importantly, reflect on their thinking process.

Academic Facilities

We have fully equipped biology, chemistry and physics laboratories, a computer lab with 28 workstations, 18 classrooms, and a library for research and personal use. Our art building includes a general purpose art studio, a pottery room with wheels and kiln, and a yoga/dance studio.