About MPA – Is it right for my child?


Students come from all over the world.

Not sure if MPA is a good fit for your child?  Students of every race, religion and background call MPA home.  Parents from countries around the world send their children to MPA.  In their own words:

  • Now that my sons have arrived home, I can say with even more depth my profound gratitude for your work this year. My sons are better than ever. Each has made a leap in growth and I want to recognize your contribution in this.
  • Well you will be pleased to know that (my son) has been doing really well keeping up with the yoga !!!!  He’s been practicing almost everyday; it’s part of his life now. The time he spent at MPA was very nourishing to his soul : it has left an imprint on him that can’t wash away.
  • I want to thank ALL of you at MPA for the incredible love, care and blessings you have showered on my daughter. I know that it is your love and care that carried her through. I also know it put an incredible strain on your resources. All the help from staff and love and support from staff and students have touched us all so deeply. MPA is truly an amazing place to foster such open-hearted love. Our gratitude goes very deep.
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  1. Do you provide anything for girls during the summer?
    I would like to bring my girls during summer.

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