Exploring Rishikesh

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Happy New Year Everyone!

We’re back at MPA and into the second semester after an enjoyable winter break and a week long humanology course. Over the next week, we’ll be posting pictures from the past two weeks. 

Up first was our Christmas Day scavenger hunt. 

This was our first time doing a scavenger hunt in Rishikesh and it was a lot of fun. It gave the students an opportunity to get acquainted with some places and experiences that they might not normally try. Shopping and eating at the Little Buddha restaurant are hard to resist!

The first clue was given to everyone at 9:30am, with subsequent clues given once the group reached the intended destination and sent us a picture to confirm. The first clue was the most difficult. It was a pictogram puzzle sent by text with the emojis

With a little help, all of the groups made it to the first destination:

Bhootnath Temple

Bhootnath Temple is a hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in behind the Green Hotel where we stayed. There are quite a few stairs to get to the top of the temple but there’s a great view when you get up there!

Interesting Tree By the River

Next, we sent the group a picture of this friendly shop owner who they had to bring a banana to for the next clue, which was a piece of paper with the following letters all scrambled up:

a  y  p  i  t  z  a  b  h  r  y  l  a  p  d  i  h


Once they texted us the words unscrambled, we gave them the next clue, which was a picture of this tree by the river:


Next, take a Boat across the River

and find this Door and Balcony on the way to. . . 

Ramana’s Garden


Things to Take Pictures of Along The Way

Along the way, the groups also had to take the following pictures. 

Take a Picture with a Sadhu

Find the Biggest and Most Interesting Mala

Take a Picture with a Cow

Take a Picture Eating Street Cookies


Additional Contests

Biggest Group Picture

Best Album Cover


The Winner!

The first group to fulfill all of the requirements and make it to the final destination was the awesome mother-daughter team consisting of Raminder Kaur and her mother Siri Datar Kaur and Aloka with her mother Siri Sadhana Kaur. The prize? A gift certificate to the best Italian restaurant in Rishikesh and possibly India – A Tavola Con Te!