Staff Profile: Medical Coordinator, Prem Kaur

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Prem Kaur with her husband Ajooni and daughter Adesh

Prem Kaur has been a staff member at Miri Piri Academy since August 2014 and has been working as the medical coordinator for the past three years. She lives on campus with her husband Ajooni Singh, who is the head chef, and their daughter, Adesh Kaur, who is currently in grade 7. 

Prem had a close relationship with the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan for many years. First in Los Angeles where she served as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs for seven years and later when she and Ajooni moved to New Mexico, where Ajooni served as the Siri Singh Sahib’s chef. 

Prem Kaur (middle) in India in her early 20s

One of Prem’s many skills is her aptitude for languages, languages she’s picked up from living all around the world. She was born in Sweden and has since lived in Spain, Italy, Mexico, the United States, Greece and India, first as a young adult when she came to India to study classical Indian dance with her cousin and now again since she began working for MPA. 

Being born in Sweden, her mother tongue is Swedish but she is also fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian. She is conversant in Hindi, Punjabi, and Modern Greek and can use German and French in an emergency. This ability with language has served her well in her role as Medical Coordinator here at MPA. Not only is she able to better communicate with some of the children using their native language, but she can communicate with their parents as well.

Caterina, Elisa and Siri Atma visiting the birds

Although her Punjabi is not as developed as she’d like it to be, she has a great love of Punjabi culture, which helps her to serve. She enjoys going out into Amritsar to find the best doctors and resources available for the children. 

As her name suggests, Prem is a very loving person, who, along with her husband Ajooni, provide a cozy home environment for the students to interact with. They recently purchased four small birds and a parrot that live outside their house during the day and which attract a lot of the students to come say hi. They will be creating a large and cozy environment for those birds and the students to visit in the near future.